this is a bad town for such a pretty face
"I was so excited to go to work everyday and go through this experience with Rita. This is also her first thing. It’s just super exciting for both of us. Every day we’re texting each other, “Hey, what are you wearing to the event today, or “Oh my God, did you see everybody is freaking out about our show on Twitter?” And then a billboard of us just went up in Times Square and we Face-Timed each other, and we were both like crying (laughs)."
- Katie Stevens. (x)


Writing karmy fanfiction for “Faking It” is like writing a fanfic for a fanfic


Hunson Abadeer: oops, accidentally left my baby in the nuclear apocalypse, oh well.

Flame King: oops, left my baby in a forest to potentially die, oh well.

Martin the Human: oops, accidentally left my baby in his own boom boom and forgot he existed, oh well.



is the dude that released the pigeon sitting in front of her in the last gif?





It’s back

this is still fucking hilarious, you stupid woman.

Phillip’s face tho


In every incarnation, every timeline, every vision, it is destiny for finn to lose his right arm, i knew it would be connected to the grass sword but i had no idea it would be this soon